Welcome to Bana Hill

Bana Hill Compound Bana Hill was established in 1905 as the first middle school in the region. So Bana Hill is in the tradition of education from its first day on. Now Bana Hill offers Trainings, Courses and Programmes for catechists an theological interested people. Some parts of the facility have still to be renovated, but even now it is the perfect place for learning and excercising.

This Webpage will inform you about the possibilities, that Bana Hill offers, upcoming courses and the progress of renovation.

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Bana Hill is getting ready

Posted by Rev. Tettey on 8th June 2012  • 

Reverend E. O. Tettey - Director of Bana Hill Coming out from school in August 2011, I received a transfer note and subsequent appointment to Bana Hill as Director of the Bana Hill Lay Training Centre. I thus reported at the Presbytery Office on 1st September 2011 only to find out that Bana was not yet ready for the family to move in to begin work. I thus had to accept the challenge to work together with the Presbytery to get the place ready.

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Basic 1 Course finished

Posted by Webmaster on 25th November 2012

Students at Bana Hill In June there was the second Group of Catechists in Bana Hill, who had their Catechist Training Modul 1. The students learned the foundations of faith, prayer, mission and spiritual life. The week ended on Saturday 16th june with an evaluation and a service.

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