Bana Hill was originally established as a Basel Mission Post-Primary (Middle) Boys Boarding school in 1903 in Krobo Odumase and relocated on the Hill in Manyakpongunor in 1905 after the discovery and acquisition of the plateau by the Rev. Gottlieb Josenhans. This place provided a serene and conducive atmosphere for learning.

As the first and only Middle school in the whole of the Dangme area, and one among the few in the then Gold Coast, it served the whole country as pupils trickled in from everywhere. It turned out scholars for both Church and state leadership as some pupils continued their education at the Akropong Seminary to become teachers to teach in the schools or catechists and ministers to pastor the churches. But majority went out or were even fetched out by the end of their second or third year by the Civil Service, the Armed Forces or Companies for employment. Bana thus contributed greatly to the foundations of the workforce of the country.

The school became defunct in 1975 due to lack of patronage. Its own success which made pupils leave school before the fourth year coupled with the proliferation of schools downhill reduced its intake drastically and finally had to be closed down.

On 4th October, 1984, the Dangme/Tongu Presbytery reopened the school as the Bana Hill Technical/Vocational School, which also closed down in about 1997.

From the year 2000 to 2008, rehabilitation of the buildings took place through the initiative of the Rev. E. B. Djieagu, who succeeded in soliciting the help of our German brothers whose ancestors worked in Bana for funding the projects towards turning the place into a Lay Training Centre. Within the periods of the renovation Lay training courses were being run under the leadership of Rev. Djieagu who was appointed Director by the Presbytery, and later joined by Rev. J. E. T. Kuwornu-Adjaottor.

From 2006, however, the renovation work came to a halt because of the deteriorating access road which became so poor that vehicles could not send materials uphill, and courses were now run at the Presbytery Head Offices.

In September, 2011 the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has fully recognized the institution as one of her Lay Training Centres and appointed a substantive Director for it.

Now, the Centre continues to function unabated. We are currently involved in Lay Ministry Training. We hope to develop into an educational institution that will equip men and women for both Church and State towards bringing back the disciplined and quality education initiated by the Basel Missionaries in this country for its development

Posted by Webmaster on 18th July 2012